This is a page for some frequent problems and their solutions. If you have an issue with the mod, check through this, and see if your problem is on here before asking. Remember that when you ask, you should always post your error report found in the ModLoader.txt file in the .minecraft folder.

I installed the mod, but when I open my inventory, the game crashes/gives me a message that reads 'Saving Chunks'!

This means that you have installed the mod incorrectly. Either the is in the wrong place, or ModLoader has not been correctly installed. Check the install instructions again and see what you did wrong.

Electric Lamps aren't working, even when I put power to them!

Firstly, make sure they aren't Wireless Lamps. Wireless Lamps have a distinctive "crossbar" at the bottom. If your Lamp has one of those, then it needs powering with a Tesla Coil. Once you have checked that they are not Wireless Lamps, make sure your power is running into the block that is supporting the Lamp. Power running directly to the lamp will not work, it needs to be to the block.

When I use the Chisel or Spanner, it just disappears, instead of taking damage!

Again, this is an install issue. You must install Steamcraft AFTER installing ModLoader. If you install it before, you lose the part of Steamcraft that controls the damage for the Chisel and Spanner. To fix this, simply copy over the class files in the "Place in minecraft jar" into the jar again.

I can't craft Levers, Buttons or Pressure Plates!

That's because the recipes for these have changed. They now require a Battery to be placed underneath the normal recipe. This is to make things a tiny bit more realistic, instead of having magical power sources.

I tried to use this with another mod, but it crashed! What can I do?

That depends. The first thing to do is open up your .minecraft folder, and find ModLoader.txt. That should have your error message in it. Some errors currently have no solution (Such as "No more empty terrain sprite indices left!"), which means that the mods are incompatible. However, a common error that will occur is the ID conflict (The error message reads something like: "Slot x was already occupied by y when attempting to add z"). These can be fixed by going into your .minecraft folder, and then into the folder named Steamcraft. In there is a config.txt, which will allow you to change any of the IDs in the mod.