A mob introduced with the SteamCraft mod. The only mob to add text to the game, his catch phrases are "Stand and deliver!" and "Your money or your life!" Resembles a highway robber, with a mask covering his face around his eyes. Will attack the player fom a distance using either a rifle or musket, which may be dropped when he is killed. Other loot includes 3 gold ingots, a diamond, and various amounts of Musket Catridges. The Highwayman has the same damage sounds as the player.

The Highwayman can also appear inside of generated Strongholds, with a Highwayman spawner. These strongholds are comprised of Stone Bricks, Cracked Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, and Glass Panes. Care should be taken when approaching these strongholds, as a group of Highwayman may be ready to fire at the first sight of the player.

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