All of the default IDs for the new content in Steamcraft can be found here. As of version 0.2, the IDs of all new content can be edited via the config.txt file, however, there are a few items that overwrite vanilla content, and those are unconfigurable.

Block IDsEdit

Items with a strikethrough are unobtainable without an inventory editor.

Icon Name ID
Bornite Bornite 150
Brimstone Brimstone 151
Phosphateore Phosphate Ore 152
Voluciteore Volucite 153
Uranite Uranite 154
Brassblock Block of Brass 155
Castiron Block of Cast Iron 156
Quartzblock Block of Quartz 157
Voluciteblock Block of Volucite 158
Uraniumblock Block of Uranium 159
Engriron Engraved Iron Block 160
Engrgold Engraved Gold Block 161
Engrdiamond Engraved Diamond Block 162
Engrlapis Engraved Lapis Lazuli Block 163
Engrbrass Engraved Brass Block 164
Engrcastiron Engraved Cast Iron Block 165
Engrquartz Engraved Quartz Block 166
Engrvolucite Engraved Volucite Block 167
Engruranium Engraved Uranium Block 168
Brasslog Brass Log 169
Brassleaves Luminous Brass Leaves 170
Lampblock Lamp Block (On) 171
Lampblock Lamp Block (Off) 172
Icon Name ID
Railing Cast Iron Railing 173
Castirongate Cast Iron Gate 174
Torchphosphorus Phosphorus Torch 175
Steamfurnace Steam Furnace (Off) 176
Steamfurnace Steam Furnace (On) 177
Chemicalfurnac Chemical Furnace (Off) 178
Chemicalfurnac Chemical Furnace (On) 179
Nuclearreactor Nuclear Reactor (Off) 180
Nuclearreactor Nuclear Reactor (On) 181
Battery Battery 182
Electriclampsmall Electric Lamp (Off) 183
Electriclampsmall Electric Lamp (On) 184
Wirelesslamp Wireless Lamp (Off) 185
Wirelesslamp Wireless Lamp (On) 186
Teslanewidle Tesla Coil (Off) 187
Teslanewactive Tesla Coil (On) 188
Teslanewreceiver Tesla Receiver (Off) 189
Teslanewreceiver Tesla Receiver (On) 190
Carvedstone Carved Stone 191
Smoothstonestairs Stone Stairs 192
Slateblock Slate Tiles 193
Slatestairs Angled Slate Tiles 194
Teaplantgrown Tea Plant 195

The following blocks have been altered, but still use the original block IDs:

Icon Steamcraft Block Original Block
Copperwire Copper Wire Redstone Wire
Inverteridle Inverter (Off) Redstone Torch (Off)
Inverteractive Inverter Redstone Torch
Diode Diode Redstone Repeater
Diodeon Diode (On) Redstone Repeater (On)
Quartzore Quartz Ore Redstone Ore
Quartzore Glowing Quartz Ore Glowing Redstone Ore

Item IDsEdit

Icon Name ID
Borniteitem Purified Copper 456
Sulphur Sulphur 457
Phosphorus Phosphorus 458
Quartz Quartz 459
Etherium Etherium Crystal 460
Uraniumstone Uranium 461
Ingotbrass Brass Ingot 462
Ingotcastiron Cast Iron Ingot

Obsidianslate Obsidian Slate 464
Uraniumpellet Uranium Pellet 465
Reactorcore Reactor Core 466
Lightbulb Light Bulb 467
Woodenstock Wooden Stock 468
Smoothbarrel Smoothbore Barrel 469
Musketcartridge Musket Cartridge 470
Percussioncap Percussion Cap 471
Percussionlock Percussion Lock 472
Rifledbarrel Rifled Barrel 473
Teaseed Tea Seeds 474
Tealeaves Tea Leaves 475
Kettle Kettle of Cold Tea 476
Kettle Kettle of Tea 477
Kettle Empty Kettle 478
Teacupempty Teacup 479
Teacupfull Cup of Tea 480
Electriclampsmall Electric Lamp 481
Wirelesslamp Wireless Lamp 482
Coredrillbase Drill Base 506
Coredrill Core Drill 507
Irondrill Iron Drill 1256
Wooddrill Wooden Drill 1257
Stonedrill Stone Drill 1258
Diamonddrill Diamond Drill 1259
Golddrill Golden Drill 1260
Obsidianspade Obsidian Spade 1261
Obsidianpick Obsidian Pickaxe 1262
Icon Name ID
Obsidiandrill Obsidian Drill 1263
Obsidianaxe Obsidian Axe 1264
Obsidiansword Obsidian Sword 1265
Obsidianhoe Obsidian Hoe 1266
Etheriumspade Etherium Spade 1267
Etheriumpick Etherium Pickaxe 1268
Etheriumdrill Etherium Drill 1269
Etheriumaxe Etherium Axe 1270
Etheriumsword Etherium Sword 1271
Etheriumhoe Etherium Hoe 1272
Steamspade Steam Shovel 1273
Steampick Steam Pickaxe 1274
Steamdrill Steam Drill 1275
Steamaxe Steam Chainsaw 1276
Steamsword Steam Sword 1277
Steamhoe Steam Hoe 1278
Matchlockmusket Matchlock Musket 1279
Flintlockmusket Flintlock Musket 1280
Percussionmusket Percussion Musket 1281
Matchlockrifle Matchlock Rifle 1282
Flintlockrifle Flintlock Rifle 1283
Percussionrifle Percussion Rifle 1284
Chisel Chisel 1306
Spanner Spanner 1307
Obsidianhelmetfix Obsidian Helmet 1356
Obsidianplate Obsidian Chest Plate 1357
Obsidianlegs Obsidian Leggings 1358
Obsidianboots Obsidian Boots 1359
Etheriumhelmet Etherium Helmet 1360
Etheriumplate Etherium Chest Plate 1361
Etheriumlegs Etherium Leggings 1362
Etheriumboots Etherium Boots 1363
Brassgoggles Brass Goggles 1364
Aqualung Aqualung 1365
Rollerskates Roller Skates 1366
Pneumaticbraces Pneumatic Braces 1367

The following items have been altered, but still use the original item IDs:

Icon Steamcraft Item Original Item
Copperwireitem Copper Wire Redstone Dust
Diodeitem Diode Redstone Repeater