Copper Wire
Copper Wire Large

Refined Material
Yes (64)
Item: 331

Block: 55


Copper Wire is a craftable item that is part of the replacement of Redstone Circuitry. It is crafted with 3 Purified Copper. Copper Wire is placeable in the world and is used the same way as Redstone Dust in circuits. When inactive, it appears similar in color to its item form. When supplied with power, however, it glows blue and gives off similarly colored particles. The color of the wire gradually turns back to its normal copper color the further from the power source it gets. Copper Wire is also used in the crafting of more advanced circuitry items, such as Batteries and Tesla Coils.

Copper Wire shares its inventory ID with Redstone Dust and its block ID with Redstone Wire and thus cannot be changed. Because of this, however, it can be used for any crafting recipes added by other mods in place of Redstone Dust.
Wire c10

An example of Copper Wire's conductive properties.

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